gmailr 0.7.1 2016-04-12

  • Bundle a application token and secret in gmailr so the average user won’t need to create an application.
  • Great number of bug fixes
  • Reworking the print functions to provide more useful and easy to read output
  • Added check for null response to fix bug with DELETE requests (#79) @josibake

gmailr 0.5.0 2014-09-19

Major Changes

  • Added ability to create and send drafts and messages. (#5, #6)
  • Added a number of tests for mime message creation derived from the Email::Stuffer perl module.

Minor Fixes

  • Namespace was not properly updated (#2)
  • added extraction functions for gmail_messages (#3)

gmailr 0.0.1 2014-07-26

  • Initial release